PS Vita / Ps TV Zombiebound Reloaded Alpha (by VitaHEX Games)

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    VitaHEX Games has revisited one of his Homebrew Games for the PS Vita known as Zombiebound (from 2017) with an update and complete overhaul of the game that is now powered by Unity. Now called Zombiebound Reloaded, the survival zombie experience is back in a big way with this recent update from the developer. This Alpha version comes with two levels and various (4) weapons available, future updates are planned but the dev might get sidetracked for good reason as the next project has already been teased and this one might really interesting.


    We all know about Silent Hill PT by now, but VitaHEX next project has been inspired by that legendary demo (of the canceled game) as the Iconic hallway has been previewed by VitaHEX games if you have been following the dev's Twitter.. You can support VitaHEX Games @ VitaHEXpatreon page.

    • Zombiebound Reloaded Alpha version is now public!
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      The first alpha version of Zombiebound Reloaded is now available to all!

      You can download the vpk file from the Google Drive link below:

      To install the vpk on your homebrew enabled PS Vita I recommend to use VitaShell. Also it is recommended to have the reF00D plugin installed.

      For more information about what's included in this alpha version check out this post here:

      If you try the game please feel free to post here your impressions about the game or any issues/bugs you may encounter.

      In the meantime I've been working on the next update and I have made some great progress including more depth to the gameplay and progression. In the next version you will be able to unlock more weapons and levels.

      More info about this on my next post so make sure you are a patron to receive all my latest news and updates in time.

      Thanks to all my patrons for your support!

    • Zombiebound Reloaded Alpha:
      The first alpha version of the game will include two levels. The "Farmhouse" and the "Abandoned Store". You will get a link to download the homebrew game in .vpk format for homebrew enabled PS Vitas only.

      The Farmhouse is a small level perfect for close combat against the hordes of zombies. If you feel trapped you can unlock the door to get access to the outside yard.

      The Abandoned Store is a medium sized level with more room to run and protect yourself. You can also unlock the main entrance to go outside where you can find a better weapon to purchase.

      This first version of the game will also have 4 weapons. Like the first game your character will be able to hold up to two weapons. His main weapon is always a pistol with infinite ammo, while the secondary weapon can be purchased from the various points of each level (they will appear as a graffiti on walls).

      Hi-score is saved for each level locally and you can view it from the main menu. You can also adjust aiming sensitivity to your liking.

      More updates will come latter with new content and improvements thanks to your feedback. For all your suggestions or ideas about the gameplay you can comment here or you can contact me with a pm on my
      Twitter page.

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 1, 2019.

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