PS3 PS3 Proxy for PSN .BETA

Bypass 4.84 update and go online even on OFW 4.83!

  1. PS3 Proxy Server Tool

    Direct Link updated
    UPDATE: 3/3/2019: This does work with 4.82 CFW/OFW & 4.83 CFW/OFW
    UPDATE: 2.25.2019 5:13pm {Release Version}
    Updated Version:!PiwilCzL!873XcfutCKf0yEwg3PUFXupyaVlXM99KEBziBEfd1QI

    Updated User Interface (looks nicer)
    Labels and buttons now have transparent background
    Code removal
    Updated help file
    Moved to release branch (out of beta) (this should also improve performance a bit)
    Added to thanks

    <ON FIRST RUN>: This will tell you that it...