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PS3 HAN (Update) HAN Toolbox v0.6 Released (by ShaolinAssassin) 3 new versions choices & other new features

Discussion in 'PS3Xploit HAN (nonCFW Compatable Models)' started by ShaolinAssassin, Dec 23, 2018.

By ShaolinAssassin on Dec 23, 2018 at 5:23 AM
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    ShaolinAssassin Developer

    Dec 31, 2016
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    Update v6.01 was released a minor update details below
    While features can be limited on HAN enabled PS3 Console's (especially in comparison to CFW enabled PS3's), the HAN Toolbox provides a number of great features for PS3Xploit's HAN straight to the main menu with some great modifications to the PS3's XMB. A project lead by @DeViL303 in the previous version 0.1-0.5 (along with various contributions from @pink1 also @Berion ) has now been updated with new features by @ShaolinAssassin (along with some assistance provided by @lmn7 ). One of the differences the project now contains 3 version to choose from a Superlite , Lite & Full version, the difference between the features these builds offer are outlined in the included release notes, where you can also read about other newly introduced features like a New File Copier feature (from USB device),DEBUG pkg enabler, NoPSN App downloader (for HAN compatible apps) & even more can be found in recent release of HAN Toolbox v6

    Note: That HAN Toolbox is not from the PS3Xploit Team (creators of HAN Exploit), its a toolbox that supports HAN, An XMb Mod created/contributed/maintained from various developers. (@DeViL303 / @pink1 / @Berion / @ShaolinAssassin / @lmn7 )


    • UPDATE HAN Toolbox v6.1

      video provided by @mr_ota
      Minor update.
      • Multi-language support enabled
      • Added Spanish translation (by @mr_ota) to the lang RCO file

      You can update from the XMB (icon has changed - maybe, it takes some time - if you noticed it

      I'm still looking for translators here

      HAN Toolbox v0.6
      1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png

      New Features:

      • 3 versions : SuperLite / Lite / Full ;
      • HAN Enabler, Soft Reboot and Debug Packages Enabler (CEX only) Offline codes added - thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New File copier (PS3 to USB & vice-versa) - again, thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New xRegistry.sys Operations (Backup/Restore System Settings) added - thanks to Demon Hades ;
      • Demo Downloader updated : demo info added (PKG size + genre + metascore) + 3 ways of sorting demos (alpha + by genre + by metascore) -- btw, "TBD" means that no metascore was given to that game ;
      • NoPSN Apps Downloader added - download and install NoPSN HAN compatible Apps hacks by @esc0rtd3w ;
      • Multi-language support added - currently disabled, waiting for translations ;
      • Icon notification when update is available, just like XMBPD - you can also read the changelog from the XMB ;
      • Misc other things.

      Superlite Version : download
      • uses XMB default icons,
      • no multi-language support,
      • only includes basic PS3Xploit tools (using offline code & online site),
      • basic PKG Linker support,
      • no demo/nopsn/theme/wallpaper downloader support,
      • possibility to upgrade to Full version.

      Lite Version : download
      • uses XMB default icons,
      • no multi-language support,
      • includes basic & advanced PS3Xploit tools (using offline code & online site and/or locally hosted via PKG Linker),
      • advanced PKG Linker support,
      • no demo/nopsn/theme/wallpaper downloader support,
      • possibility to upgrade to Full version.
      Full Version : download
      • uses custom XMB icons,
      • multi-language support (disabled),
      • includes basic & advanced PS3Xploit tools (using offline code & online site and/or locally hosted via PKG Linker),
      • advanced PKG Linker support,
      • demo/nopsn/theme/wallpaper downloader support - you still have to download HAN Toolbox Resources PKG (~28Mb) to be able to download stuff.
      It seems that @DeViL303 's dropbox is currently out of order ("Too many requests" blabla message) so you can not update from the XMB.

      Sorry, I can't make any preview...
      Edit : some screens (taken from a YT video) :

    Download @: psx-place.com or github.com/ShaolinAssassin
    Official Discussion Thread >>>: psx-place.com
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    1. David Kadrnožka
    2. ade23554
      Simple answer : no
      n00b likes this.
    3. Exploitation
      I want to know that can i install my pkgs on another ps3 via HAN and transfer them using DATA TRANSFER UTILITY in settings.Will my game work on mine ps3.Mine ps3 is 4.83 ofw and the other ps3 is 4.82.IS IT POSSIBLE??
    4. ade23554
      I think it can be possible with the new method to extract idps , try to resign the rap files with act.dat snd idps.hex to the other ps3 using ps3expliot resigner 2.0.0
      n00b likes this.
    5. ade23554
      Oh wait , I think that yoi cant cuz you cant download the rap files on 4.83
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    6. zumbae
      help guys, i just try to update han tool 0.61 and i lost han tool icon of xmb, just have package manager, thx in advance
      n00b likes this.
    7. ade23554
      Delete han toolbox data from game data utility , restart , then download latest han toolbox again
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    8. cgmq99
      why is twitch in nopsn apps? the app doesn't seem to work (infinite loading)
      n00b likes this.
    9. alebarco
      Where's the Pkg Resources pkg for the full version? it says to be around 28mbs but i don't see it not even in the github
      n00b likes this.
    10. alebarco
      it's in the han toolbox advanced options if anyone needs to know; i just didn't knew it; great job people
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    11. n00b
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    12. Assassin_dude998
      Could u fix the fil copier to fit more letters? I mean shit were still having to use the auto file copier script to replace modded comments and shit cause the copier u made doesnt fit the user number, u type home/000000 and thats all it will fit
    13. Pedro Salinas
      Pedro Salinas
      Hello, does anyone know if it works at 4.84?
    14. DeViL303
      No, it does not. I do not know when it will be updated, there is a lot of stuff needs to be made available first.

      All the exploits will need to be ported, so dont expect it too soon.
      n00b likes this.
    15. nomisw
      hi i have a problem, when i try to use han enabler offline my ps3 stops!!!
      help please!!
    16. mcshooter
      does it support HFW 4.84.2 ??
    17. ShaolinAssassin
      It's a 4.82 tool, be sure to not use it with another FW.

      Not yet.
    18. nomisw
      i'm using , HFW 4.84.2
    19. ShaolinAssassin
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