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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 1, 2018 at 10:28 PM
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    The Ps4 Scene is moving up the ladder as now 4.55 has seen the latest breakthrough, while still not a current firmware exploited it is newer then 1.76 and also the recent v4.05 fully functional exploits. It recent days it started with Ps4 developer qwertyoruiopz who released code for the 4.55 kernel exploit but it did not contain a entry point. However developer SpecterDev who brought the functional 4.05 exploit had an entry point that could be used and it was not long until we seen SpecterDev release 4.55 Exploit, but this exploit was missing some of the "juice" and m0rph3us came with the "Holy Grail" payload and that provided plenty of "juice" for the exploit. While things are certainly progressing the PS4 scene, i believe it still needs a current firmware exploited to get over the hump but these steps certainly does help many aspects in the community and will grow the scene as well. For sure some amazing things being done by the developers involved.

    What are your thoughts on the Ps4 current developments. Do you think we will start to see some regular homebrew produced for the system like other devices?​


    (Sorry I was a few days late on this HUGE PS4 News as it was developing (personal matters kept me away), if you are interested in helping keep psx-place news page flowing, please contact us, we are in need of some additional contributors (its lonely;) .)​
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

    1. Bereuza
      Looking forward to it, mM on the PS3 is something special, particularly it's integration with Movian. If you are in touch with Andoma please get him up to speed on the current events of the PS4 scene. A Movian enabled PS4 would be the bomb. Cheers and thank you for your work throughout the years.
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    2. STLcardsWS
      Uh oh deank with an exploited PS4, I see alot of good things coming.. Good to see you Dean !! Hope all is well, I noticed you were lurking the other day ;p Cheers to @Joonie always keeping deank in the loop. My Ps4 coverage has been so-so (time been an issue for me, but will be solved soon).. Alot is going on in all the communities, even a bit to much for this guy here. 0_0
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    3. GregoryRasputin
      Not a fan of mM PS3, but this is cool news for people on a hacked PS4, an easy way for people to backup their own games.
      Also nice to see a PS3 developer working on the PS4, if only more of the old devs would come forward and start working on stuff :)
    4. Phil
      Gutted..... Just got a ps4 from my partners mother hoping it was on 4.55 as she doesn't use it, damn things on 4.70

      Would you recommend keeping it away in the cupboard incase of any future exploits or should I just update and cut my losses
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    5. TOM1211
      This was a tweet before 4.55 came out
      To whom it may concern, if you ever plan on hacking your Playstation 4, DO NOT UPDATE TO THE 5.50 FIRMWARE; the best firmwares to stay on (from best to worse) are:
      1- 4.05
      2- 4.55
      3- 5.01
      4- 5.05

      But always best to stay where you are before anything released
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    6. STLcardsWS
      That narrows it down to alot of tweets ;p
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    7. DeViL303
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    8. TOM1211
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    9. DeViL303
      @STLcardsWS might be good to put out a warning as 5.50 is out , there might be people who still have not updated and want hacks.


      If this is true it might be last chance for people to decide if they want hacks or OFW. like 3.55 was for PS3, until the latest hacks of course, but that was a long wait :)

      I have not updated either of my consoles yet, but I probably will tomorrow :) I like PSN too much. although with 2TB of games and licences on there, it would be cool to hack one so I could back those up in case I get banned someday. Decisions decisions :)
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    10. TOM1211
      I see @qwertyoruiopz has updated be interesting to see if they release another exploit if it's all patched. Hoping good homebrew is coming either way.
    11. sandio
      Hello! I wanna ask something..Can i use this exploit on banned ps4 with ofw 4.55 ?
    12. deank

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    13. TOM1211
      @qwertyoruiop has tweeted
      i rewrote the public webkit exploit that worked on 5.50 so it doesn't suck (should be 100% reliable), you can find it at - old kexploit was fixed in 5.50!

      So that's a webkit exploit for 5.50 and hopefully a hack for earlier firmware will be around the corner
    14. pinky
      question - does the game dumper work with psn games and dlc? I thought I read somewhere that it did. if it does, how does it bypass the licensing issue? I have street fighter v and trials, and I want to abandon the banned account at some point, but not until there's a hack on current firmware. :)
    15. Not_Too_Noob
      Correct me of im wrong but did $ony make their ps4 this secure cause by this time in the days of the ps3 CFW already existed the ps4 almost nearing its cycles end. Maybe $ony does learn from its mistakes :sco hmmthink:
    16. pinky
      well, the ps4 and the vita have 3 levels of security (remembering what @atreyu187 once told me about the vita). one is the eboot, the second is the suprx/skprx, and third is pfs.
    17. Not_Too_Noob
      Cool :cool2: i learn something new everytime i'm on this site
    18. larry12222
      is there gonna be a jailbreak for 5.50 or is it possible and what are the ups and downs with the ps4 jailbreak? answer asap plsss
    19. Rogero
      and I totally agree :)
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    20. pinky
      I just updated to 4.55 earlier today. ;) I bought a specific flash drive just for the ps4. I'll slowly backup my games over the coming days. this will be useful for when I do reformat the hdd in order to get rid of that banned account. I think I only have six or seven games, so it shouldn't take too long. unfortunately, the flash drive I have doesn't have an indication light, so ripping a game may be problematic. I'd like some way of knowing that it's being ripped. I believe the system will shut down once a game has been ripped, but I'd really rather not have that as the only indicator. :-/

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