PS3 [UPDATE] Mr. Burns & Smither's Tools (by psykosis): A new tool for ISO Generation + Burn to disc

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

By psykosis on Mar 2, 2017 at 12:26 PM
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    Since the recent advancement in COBRA CFW (payload) thanks to one of deank additions that made playing games from a backup disc possible saving some HDD space for those wanting to keep your originals in good standing but may not have the space to hold your collection. It was only a matter of time before we started see some tools that would be designed with this new feature in mind and long time friend of psx-place developer psykosis has released Mr. Burns. This simple app is based on makeps3iso by developer estwald (Iris Manager's dev aka Hermes), the toll will convert a folder format (JB folder) to an ISO file and then will call imgburn to then burn your ISO to a disc and playable on Cobra 7.52 +.


    • v0.2
      • Merged Convert and Burn Buttons
      • Cosmetic, added icons, systray icon.
      • updated the page to show new features.
      • I'll probably be working on batch today

    • If you like mr burns, you might like smithers too!
      • Batch conversion
      • custom destination.
      • Burning not implemented as of yet, but will be once I finish the back end for it.

    • Since the best combo currently to use is supposed to be estwalds latest makeps3iso (link provided by sandugas) and imageburn. I put together this small app to make it a little easier...

      Mr. Burns
      • Very small app, just a front end for makeps3iso
      • can add more features at a later time.
      • Currently separated the convert/burn process until a bug is worked out. :)
      • Merged convert/burn process in 0.2
      • Added icons, sounds to 0.3
      • Added drag and drop folders to 0.3
      • Added minor error correction (checks for ps3_game folder)
      • Sounds are located in appfolder\tools\sounds and can be deleted without issue
      • It is required to have imgburn installed on default location (will work with 32 or 64 bit locations)
      • Now shows source directory on window as of 0.3
      Conducted Test on:
      • On Rebug 4.81.2 w/ cobra 7.52 via 2.0.13 toolbox

    • Update to the latest Mr. Smithers!!!
      I removed the deploy extension as suggested
      I added an additional form "Patches" that can do basically md5 right now, but more later
      I added an option to use genps3iso if you choose to instead of makeps3iso
      I changed how the iso files are named, to exactly as the folder is named
      I cleaned up a bunch of code not being used (msgbox type debug stuff)
      Drag and drop functionality added for both folder and iso
      I may merge "Patches" into "Mr. Smithers application at some point soon to reduce size
      More information available from github as well :)
      now with "patches", genps3iso 2.0 option, and more!

    • Added new features, and improved interface a little. removed unused code.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

    1. thekillercarrot
      Hey !
      Is there any of this tools but for mac?

      Thanks !
    2. bguerville
    3. thekillercarrot
    4. psykosis
      I also have a macps3iso app and a mac ps3 net server gui in the resources here :)
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    5. psykosis
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    6. psykosis
      Newest update out. :)
    7. W00fer
      Many thanks for that Jonnysp file database, now I can check integrity of the EBOOT to see if that is the problem :)

      Will save this.
    8. psykosis
      you can use IRD to verify, but don't use to burn. this was information i was given. :)
    9. bguerville
      What do you mean by don't use ird to burn?

      Btw for info if ever anyone is interested...
      I have a backed up archive of the 2 or 3000 ird files that were hosted by 3k3y before the site went down...
    10. Me_TheKing
      if you have files not hosted in onnysp site then yes i'm interested, bc i have some games that have no ird files in onnysp.
      so could you please upload them all so i can test my games.

    11. bguerville
      I have honestly no idea whether or not there are ird files in this archive that aren't in the current online db.
      The fact is that I did not really propose to post a link to my archive for that particular reason but rather because some people with many games may prefer to download all ird files in one go rather than individual files from the DB.
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    12. psykosis
      I was informed that using the ird to verify is fine, but burning with it adds a layer of encryption or something along those lines. Something about added complication, as genps3iso was originally designed for cobrausb. I have an extremely horrible memory sometimes, lol.

      but at the time, i was looking into it as a feature for mr smithers, and when i was told by someone far more knowledgeable than me not to, it was the end of research on that avenue for me, lol. :)
    13. sandungas
      3k3y explained it overall (or it was cobra?) on a .pdf they had hosted at his official web
      I guess based on a research they made about the PS3 bluray discs layout, personally i never thought it was perfectly documented in the .pdf but was accurate enought to have an overall understanding

      The problem for cfw users is the PS3 disc layout uses some weird details, is divided like in "regions" (someway like partitions) and some of them are encrypted (and others dont), it also reserves a region for the 256mb of the PS3UPDAT.PUP and other weird things

      So at some point the scene developers had to decide what could be better for backup managers (not ODE, this created a conflict between ODE ISO format and cfw ISO format)... if following the PS3 format strictlly... or trying to simplify it

      Personally, when this happened and before i did read more details about the problem i thought it could be better to follow sony rules strictly to avoid compatibility problems, and for preservation purposes of the games... but after reading that .pdf and some talks i got convinced that was better to forget about sony weirdness
      Estwald followed that path with makeps3iso, he tryed to simplify it the most posible

      If you create an ISO by using the IRD with the 3k3y tool then is going to have the weird sony layout, now for people that uses burned discs in cfw's maybe worths a try
      For backup managers in cfw is not needed, only could cause problems of incompatbility, thought the backup managers just emulates a bluray drive, but is posible the 3k3y layout is not so perfect that it should be (maybe the app has some bug with a few special games)
      The 3k3y app has several bugs when building a "non encrypted ISO" so i will not be surprised if it has that same bugs plus a few more when building a "IRD encrypted ISO"
      Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
    14. atreyu187
      I want to make my kids Minecraft work from disc but is a digital copy. If I use the PSN Liberator first would it then be possible to make a copy on disc for her?
    15. Berion
      I have made dumps of Mirror's Edge and Little Big Planet on PC, and only differences with backups made by i.e multiMAN which I noticed, are encrypted executables containers (EBOOT for sure but as I remember also SPRX's too (whole disc is not encrypted like i.e in case of GameCube games)). I haven't found any "invisible" regions (like i.e in XC/X360/XBO games). One track, one session, ISO9660+UDF. Everything standard (besides of course unreadable on PC area with key etc.).

      However, not every writers can read PS3 BD-ROM, so maybe those which can, falsification disc image creation and viewing sectors. We also don't know what blocks above 2048 counters contain as non burners for general can read it.
      Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
    16. W00fer
      You forget about these things on discs:

      -PIC region.
      -rommarks/cutting burstarea, unwriteable/'weak' sectors, subchannel data, invalid CRCs, watermarking etc. cannot be burned 100% exact as is on writeable BDROM.
      -PIC/D1/D2 data (disc keys)
      -EID4 (encrypted/decrypted) = drive keys
    17. Berion
      None of above is to PS3 BD-ROM related.

      Some data of course cannot be reached from PC, and I know it. I also mentioned that I have keys (I have decrypted dump from PC, it's exactly the same as multiMAN dump (with DDA turned on as dumped from Video category ;])). I answer to @sandungas post as he mentioned about hidden areas on discs (i.e for PUP). There is no such thing at least on those two games which I tested.

      Drive Key and (?) Disc Hash Key are only needed if You want decrypt encrypted data.
    18. sandungas
      Well i didn't mentioned hidden or invisible areas, i said there are like regions that uses an encryption layer, things like the PARAM.SFO or the PS3UPDAT.PUP are not stored in encrypted areas because performance, other files like game files under USRDIR are protected

      Is explained better in that .pdf i mentioned, maybe someone have it and can upload it again
    19. arcadekidflo
      So , Multiman creates an ISO using genps3iso and Irisman using makeps3iso ?
      Is genps3iso what you call " Sony standard " ?
      Which is recommended for Cobra 7.52 ?
      Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
    20. atreyu187
      Used these tools finally after converting my kids Minecraft PSN to act like a disc. At first only mM detected it and thought it was a dud so to speak. Well turned on the system using @Joonie Espresso MFW and was detected upon boot and loaded right away. Good stuff thanks for all the work put into this. Now that I got it down I am going to attempt Castlevania Lord's of Shadow Mirror of Fate to see if I can make a bootable disc for it as well.

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