PS3 RetroArch 1.6.7- Fixed PS3 Nightly 09/03/17.

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Ezio, Sep 3, 2017.

By Ezio on Sep 3, 2017 at 4:50 PM
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    Hi guys, here we go. This release has done because the current PS3 nightlies don't seem to work like they should, so the main reason is a more stable homebrew.


    • (nightly 2017-09-03)
      RetroArch v.1.6.7

      DEX PS3 build!UVwyEJZL!UwIAaYCDiGbk9UnAJBrN18VPrQYQbQmgtNuUwYo5wnw

      CEX PS3 build!lQJFyLSS!p28HM1RUcq7pT-HD_lhRoAEQV8p6AEYhMuAYeHRtZ2o

      ODE PS3 build!gAQ3gbhK!qZnvQFP-c4SXqj4Mb2-F67oL_o17RcgDU4AC_6_TfT0

      • Better stability than nightlies
      • New experimental core: fbalpha. (it works only for some games, so you could get black screens or freezes)
      • Include all previous fixes like save/load bug on the snes9x2010 core and standalone pkgs released in the last weeks such as neogeo pocket core, mame 2003 and prosystem with latest available database
      • Favourite, Image, Video, Music, Netplay tabs
      • Added downloads folder, it includes freeware and shareware contents: cave story, doom, quake
      • Ode build: savestates, savefiles, playlists, configs, bios, favourite now should work on usb0001
      • Updated frontend, assets, cores, database, info files to the latest available source

      New cores will be added whether they work and released like add-on packages.

      • Libretro developers team
      • Libretro and RetroArch contributors
      • Emu developers behind the cores

      Have fun!
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Ezio, Sep 3, 2017.

    1. Ezio
      Maybe mgba can run better that rom, in that case you need to wait a little. Anyway it could be a fault of the emulator if it happens also on other platforms.
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    2. antonioks
      pancho0112 if you are using mgba with the bios before the game, disarm the bios, I found a bug yesterday with the game Metroid Fusion in Portuguese and the mgba with the bios activated before the game, it freezes in bios by my tests, both on the Nintendo Wii , as in the Android tv box, disabling the bios the game runs normally.
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    3. Versatile
      For SNES I tried Mortal Kombat II, and for Genesis I tried Sonic and Knuckles. It doesn't matter what rom you use for SNES core or Gendesis core. Loading a save state does not work and freezes, but if I go to the very early 1.0.2 DEX version of retroarch, no issues.
    4. sandungas
    5. ZeroOne
      Multipass shaders do not work at all with 1.6.7 (only
      Singlepass shaders work but there were issues with some of them included with the original 1.6.7 release.
      A user on the retroarch forum Hyllian has been testing the 1.6.7 shaders and has provided an updated set of singlepass shaders which are all tested/working on 1.6.7 ps3-shaders-v812
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    6. antonioks
      @Ezio okay buddy, I found a bug yesterday in the retroarch 1.6.7 that you made available, the bug happens part of video, in "Mode 60 PAL" as it selects it the ps3 freezes, and it needs to restart the ps3 to return to normal operation. Always a hug and success.
    7. sandungas
      Thanks for the info @kineticUk and that guy Hyllian for the tests incase he reads this
      My suggestion to remove the shaders that doesnt works in PS3 is to make retroarch PS3 more stable, removing stuff is not cool, but initially is just a temporal removal (until someone finds how to fix them) or permanently in the worst scenario (incase nobody finds to how to fix them)... but one way or another i think is better to remove them by now
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    8. chicco33
    9. joe2051
      Can Retroarach read zipped files?
    10. bitsbubba
      i believe so, you could always try to find out

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