PS3 sMAN v1.10n (by deank): New features & improved performance & stability

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 12, 2017 at 4:08 AM
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    A couple of new updates aiding in the evolution of the sMAN plugin has been seen in recent days as developer @deank continues to add functionality and as you see in the screenshot additional eye-candy as well. Following up on v0.08n, deank officially labled v1.09 as a Beta Release as several new things were implemented and went through some testing phases. Deank has stated he has almost re-written sMAN so much that it now almost differs from webMAN v1.47n by nearly 50% according to the guy who know (the developer of both plugin) deank. Also thanks to freddy38510 NTFS drives will show the actual time & date stamps in both FTP & the file explore in web-browsers. v0.10n was recently released as well and officially moved from Beta to the next Stable update , that did just that improve the stability & performance of things like the www client . This plugin keeps improving and new features continue to impress as deank's continues to put his magically touches on this ps3 plugin. ​


    • sMAN v0.10n
      In the latest sman.sprx update the internal web server will use threads to serve files/images content. It will no longer hold the whole www client thread and will release the resources immediatelly greatly improving performance and stability. Until now if you download something big via the web interface and then try to browse games or refresh sman would lock, but not anymore..

      There were some issues with displaying images/files from network locations (ps3netsrv) using the webbrowser but it is now ok. There are also some other minor fixes.

      Update to sMAN 1.10n: |

      Network/ps3netsrv locations should now support about 3200 files (1600 ISO games + 1600 images for example).

      p.s. sprx is updated again. If someone with a lot of network games can test it - let me know. I tested it with a folder with 9000 files and it handles 3200 to 3300, so it works. :)

    • I updated sman.sprx - it now has a separate option for dev_blind. sman_res.exe is changed to support .htm resource files. The source is also updated. Web content is now in external .htm files in wmtmp/res folder. It is still work in progress, but at least you can see how it is progressing.

      The web-pages are still ugly, but now someone can help with improving them. The external files are:
      • www_head.htm - this is present in each generated page and can be edited by a web-designer
      • www_setup.htm - the setup page (only the form)
      • www_foot.htm - the footer
      • www_file.htm - some javascript needed for table sorting (doesn't work on the ps3 browser)

      The dynamic content is generated after www_head and before www_foot.

      I made some changes to the layout... should be something like this at the moment:


      It should look much better now. You have a very early build. It now doesn't use tables, but I rewrote everything with css. Not really gorgeous, but still simple and lite. Shows 99% the same on the PC and on the PS3 now. Also it fits perfectly even in SD resolution (720x576). :)


      Without Javascript the Setup page cannot be used (because js is used to set current options/values), but all other functions are ok.

      This option was never clickable. The checkbox was always disabled and its "ticked" state just indicates whether the lowest speed will be applied (which happens only in "auto" mode). I added back the "tick" when in auto-mode - it is purely cosmetic checkbox just to make the options look more ordered on screen. :)

      I updated sman.sprx. Also game listing in the web-browser on the PS3 now looks properly (game names are centered as they should be - same as on the PC). (now up to 1.09n - resource files will be updated and you'll also get a new background for sMAN GUI).
      sMAN updated (

      I hope this 1.09n version is the last "beta"/"unstable" before the official 1.10. It seems very stable at the moment. I optimized a lot of functions and rewrote a lot of the code - probably over 50% is now completely different compared to webMAN 1.47n.

      In this update the optimizations lead to another memory usage decrease - you should now have 2324KB free memory.

      FTP browsing is faster - both for hdd/usb and ntfs drives, which means copying a lot of folders will be much faster compared to any wM/sM version.

      Along with all the other changes since 1.08 (external web content/additional xmb info tags/code optimizations) 1.09n should be the version to update to without worries.


      Post Source:

      Thanks to @freddy38510 the ntfs library now supports proper date/time stamps for files/folders. sMAN is updated to show actual date/times in FTP and web-browser for NTFS drives.

      Thanks @freddy38510

      p.s. libntfs_prx.a is also updated in

      Post Source:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 12, 2017.

    1. deank
      It is not the focus that changes, but XMB intercepts the [circle] button action (to exit the GUI) and backs one step. It depends on how long you hold/click [O] in sMAN.

      I updated sman.sprx - it should wait until the button is released and then return to XMB.
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    2. MixeryMaxe
      Hallo @deank is it possible to disable the button combo for sMAN GUI while playing video from hdd/usb in video column?
    3. bguerville
      Of course, you are right...
      I hadn't even thought of the pad event polling algorithm in vsh_menu... It's an issue that existed at some point with wm_vsh_menu as well...
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    4. deank
      It is now fixed. There was an issue, but I came back home and tested it. The GUI will exit once the [O] is released so now it is ok.

      Also @self_slaughter it now displays the games (filenames without extension) while scanning ntfs drives when you refresh via the browser (and not all at once like it was before).

      If anyone downloaded the sprx in the last 2 hours - redownload it now.
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    5. aldostools
      I break things very often too :) And everyone notice it :congratulatory:

      BTW I recommend this book (no joke, it's a very good reading)
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    6. self_slaughter
      Is there any way to change the username/password of the ftp server in sman?
      Think I've found the reason behind some of my random issues with the webpage...

      Looks like there's a bit of a nasty worm kicking around that hits ftp servers using a basic dictionary based brute force attack, uploads its payload to every folder possible, then modifies any html code it can find on the ftp server to spread it's disease.

      This is a simple two-stage attack;
      • By brute forcing random IP addresses and working off a user/password dictionary, weakly protected FTP servers are located and attacked.
      • Once a successful login attempt is made, a copy of the malware is uploaded to each writable server. At this point, each and every file capable of being rendered to a user (such as HTML, PHP and aspx files) is infected with the following string:

      The flash on my ps3 was full again with Photo.scr files etc, and I've been going through folder by folder on the ps3 hdd trying to hunt this crap down... but wow. What a nightmare. It's everywhere on the ps3. PSN cache files etc....

      I've just disabled ftp access completely for now while I keep manually hunting this bastard of a thing down.
      Bloody hard to do using multimans filemanager, lol... found hundreds of copies of its payload... still need to find any modified html files etc. :/ I'm a bit overwhelmed by how well this thing has attached itself.

      Edit: This is why you don't leave the PS3 in DMZ just to get an open NAT status in Call of Duty!!!! haha *facepalm*

      Edit 2: Its payload is everywhere... How I'm ever going to hunt down its encrypted html / css / js / whatever mods I have no idea.... I think I may have to just bite the bullet and wipe the drive to be honest... this could take forever.


      btw, the ftp server built into sman is 1000x better than the one in rebug toolbox. That thing kept crashing / stalling trying to search for these files. Handy for uploading plugins quickly, but struggles under load. :)

      Sorry for spaming your thread with such garbage... but hopefully it will make people realise the ps3 isn't invincible to such attacks!
      Supposedly infected just about every seagate NAS out there and god knows what else.... nasty little bit of code.

      Edit 3: Took the PS3 out of DMZ, searched and deleted all copies of the payload via ftp and mounted the ftp server as a windows drive using webdrive to do a slow and thorough antivirus scan to hopefully weed out any modded files... What a long and painful day. :P

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    7. deank
      Well this is a proof for me getting better, isn't it. :) I wrote the initial Rebug Toolbox 1.00-1.10 with the gui and ftp back in 2011-2012 I think and left it to rebug team to add onto it. Still the original concept/code is by @jjolano and openps3ftp.
    8. self_slaughter
      Nice. It's amazing how much you've done for the ps3 scene over the years!
      Would certainly be a lot worse off without your expertise and dedication to achieving perfection.

      In other news, my system just formatted on me without letting me know... years of stuff gone with no backup. lol
      Should make for a good clean test system again I guess. Think I'll buy a slim tomorrow and start fresh on that instead.

      Ended up with a funky brick trying to convert from dex back to cex using the rebug toolbox. (pretty sure it wasn't changing kernel for some reason, but changing ID leaving me in a funky 3 beep, yellow flash, power off brick.) Flashing a dex backup of my NOR would bring it back no questions asked. So I tried flashing D-REX over the top to hopefully restore any corrupt files which quietly formatted the hdd on me!

      Although it converted back to CEX fine after that.... :D

      (Probably for the best after the mess that worm caused)

      Edit: Looks like the worm wasn't the cause of the randomly missing images on the ps3 browser....
      Fresh install of rebug CEX with nothing but sman and rebug toolbox installed. :/

      PS3 sMAN.png

      Don't even have the ps2 games copied onto the internal drive, so only have around 200 games at the moment.

      Got me baffled why it only seems to do this to me, yet everything else bar the web server works flawlessly... Can't even hit the restart button in the browser when it goes funny like this as it seems to kill the http/ftp server for a few minutes...

      Rarely the same games that do it either.... Really think its time to piss off the CECHLxx for a newer console. :/

      PS3 sMAN_1.png

      Edit 2: @deank - Finally got socat working! :D Had to plug the ps3 into the router via ethernet. Refused to show over Wi-Fi for whatever reason. Got no screen hooked up to it though. PC is still connected via Wi-Fi.

      I noticed when it gets the covers right, it Shows the filename twice in a row in socat.
      When it gets a bit out of order, it falls apart pretty quickly then locks up like it has in this screenshot.
      After about a minute it gave a few PS3.png accesses.... few minutes later and still nothing.

      Screenshot from 2017-03-21 12-42-51.png

      Not giving me much to go by currently. I'll leave it for a bit and see if it recovers.
      If not I'll just keep poking at it until it spits out something useful? Unless you've got a version with a bit more debugging info?

      Edit 3: Gave up after a bit and hit restart via the browser.... Got the three beep shutdown as it usually does after trying to use the html game view unsuccessfully.

      Screenshot from 2017-03-21 12-52-54.png

      A lot more seems to go on when it can shutdown cleanly... All I can see is it loading the images really quick when it works, and just stopping mid way when it doesn't as the program freezes up...

      Sorry, I've got no idea what's going on... :/
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    9. deank
      You can try this test version: (make sure to rename it to sman.sprx)

      I decided to use Apache2's prefork method of serving http requests. In this test release sMAN will prefork 4 threads that will accept() data from the queue asynchronously. It makes it easier on the ps3/stage2/cobra and instead of creating/destroying threads for each http request it serves the requests using the thread pool (so no memory/cpu overhead).

      Let me know if you see something different. There are additional debug printf-s like:

      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 4 [/dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers/BLES01697.JPG]
      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 1 [/quit.ps3]
      LV2 poke 0x800000000000a334 5463063e7be40620
      LV2 poke 0x8000000000009e38 5463063e3b810071
      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 1 [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: poll_thread [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: ftpd_thread [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 2 [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 3 [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: WWW_THREAD_ID: 4 [EXIT]
      --- SMAN: prx [EXIT]
      You can see which thread from the pool (1 to 4) serves a particular request. Also PS3.png is served when favicon.ico is requested - that's why you see it in the log.

      If it stops loading images, try to click left/right on the dualshock controller to change XMB columns and it may continue... this is still puzzling me :)
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    10. deank
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    11. MixeryMaxe
      Please take a look at this, i get a system freeze with following steps.

      1. start a video from video column in xmb (*.mp4)
      2. open sMAN GUI with L2+R2 and choose a game (video still play in background until you choose a game)
      3. focus goes to sMAN folder -> 1-2 sec later focus goes to disk icon (the paused video stay in xmb background)
      4. start game -> system freeze

      I think it's necessary to disable the button combos for sMAN GUI while playing video from hdd/usb in xmb (if you not done already in v1.11).

      Thanks for all your contribution to the ps3 scene.
    12. deank
      I think it is not necessary to open sman at all and load a game when you watch video. Or if you do load a game, just press the {PS} button to return to the video.
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    13. MixeryMaxe
      Ok. Thank you for answer.

      If someone is interested..
      In main.c around line 4550
          if ((data.button[CELL_PAD_BTN_OFFSET_DIGITAL2] & CELL_PAD_CTRL_L2) && (data.button[CELL_PAD_BTN_OFFSET_DIGITAL2] & CELL_PAD_CTRL_R2))
             if(!slaunch_running && !vshmain_EB757101() && !FindLoadedPlugin("videoplayer_plugin"))
               sys_ppu_thread_create(&thread_id_gui, slaunch_thread, 0, 2000, 0x2000, SYS_PPU_THREAD_CREATE_JOINABLE, THREAD_MENU);
      Disable button combo for sMAN GUI while playing video.

      Thanks anyway.
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    14. bguerville
      When deank began sMan development, we talked about how to detect & load system plugins. Back then I pointed out that in certain conditions, loading a system plugin will freeze the xmb.
      For instance, attempting to load the download_plugin when either webbrowser_plugin or webrender_plugin is already loaded in memory will freeze your system most of the time.
      To come back to the current situation with the sMan GUI, it's very possible that other plugins like audioplayer_plugin or photoviewer_plugin will also lead to the same kind of problems.
      Luckily, you can easily change your code to detect the various system plugins that could cause issues if still loaded when launching the GUI. You already know this but I am giving these details for users out there who are comfortable with recompiling the source code. The only line to modify in this case would be this one:
      if(!slaunch_running && !vshmain_EB757101() && !FindLoadedPlugin("videoplayer_plugin"))
      For example, if the audio player ever gave the same issue, it can be detected in the same way as the video player:
      if(!slaunch_running && !vshmain_EB757101() && !FindLoadedPlugin("videoplayer_plugin") && !FindLoadedPlugin("audioplayer_plugin"))
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    15. self_slaughter
      Cheers, It's a strange one.... The CECHLxx curse is real I tell you!

      Loaded the games tab fine about 3 times in a row, next time everything just suddenly exits.

      PS3 is still not responding via the network since the abrupt stop. :P
      It normally comes back "online" after a few minutes... seems it died a bit harder this time!)

      Full copy of log here -


      I can only do things remotely at the moment due to not having a screen attached to the PS3, It seems to behave a lot better remotely since your changes the other day slowing things down... but on the ps3 browser itself (which I cant access at the moment) it appears to fall apart a lot easier.

      Edit: This time it just stalled with no messages on the first load.

      Log up until stall -
      Continuation of log after pressing power button on PS3 to shutdown (remote access was dead) -

      Looks like it tried to load a few more images once I hit the power button? (was a few minutes after the stall)

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    16. STLcardsWS
      Thanks for the update Dean , seems like this is progressing really well, what are the changes in this version, curious If everything is outlined in the thread already?
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    17. deank
      It was late yesterday and I was wondering what was the plugin-detection-function but got into bed... Thanks for reminding me of it...

      I added a function in sman so it will work fine now. The logged-in check is removed from slaunch.c and all checks are when gui is invoked. It will also use this check when mounting games to prevent column/device-icon focus change (for example when you're in "Settings" and mount a game with a key-combo prev/next or from the web-browser).

      static bool gui_allowed(bool action)
         if(slaunch_running) return 0;
         if(xsetting_CC56EB2D()->GetCurrentUserNumber()<0) // user not logged in
           if(action) show_msg("Not logged in!");
           return 0;
           vshmain_EB757101() || // in-game
           paf_F21655F3("videoplayer_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("sysconf_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("netconf_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("software_update_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("photoviewer_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("audioplayer_plugin") ||
           paf_F21655F3("bdp_plugin") ||
           if(action) show_msg("sMAN: GUI not available!");
           return 0;
         return 1;
      Code and sprx are updated.
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    18. deank
      Did you try what I suggested - when it stalls click the dualshock left/right to switch XMB columns and see if it will continue.

      Can you redownload sman_test.sprx and try again. I'm 99% confident that there is some kind of network issue and the problem is not your PS3.

      If you see "accept() error" message it would mean exactly that. Let me know if you can test it. Also in case all www threads exit for some reason (network down) in 7-8 seconds sMAN will try to relisten on port 80 and respawn the thread pool.

      I also increased the connection backlog to 2001 (2000 games + 1 web page) which could make difference in your case.
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    19. self_slaughter
      I did a clean install and wiped wmtmp etc and did a refresh which appears to of worked fine, then tried to load the games tab a few times.

      You're right. Throwing the accept() errors when it dies.
      I noticed thread 3 didn't exit for some reason.

      Waited until it respawned the www threads, but it still refused to connect.
      Hit the power button to shutdown after that.

      Full log here -


      Edit: Tried again and similar result. web server still refuses to connect even after respawning the threads. ftp seems to be active still though. I could connect with that directly after the www crash.


      Edit 2: Looked up the error code on the wiki if it helps save you some time... :)

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    20. bguerville
      @MixeryMaxe raised an important issue although maybe not one occurring frequently. Sooner or later, most users were bound to launch the GUI when they shouldn't & freeze their system. Your changes will ensure it doesn't happen. It's a wise move imho... [emoji6]

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